Badges to Earn

Artisan Author Supporter Badge

To earn this badge, all you have to do is post a review of one of the books you purchased on our site. Good or bad, your feedback helps us make sure the books we feature are the books our readers most want to read. Earn the badge and you'll also earn 5 book points!

Storyteller Alley Launch Badge

Everyone who helped us launch our site and signed up for an account on or before May 9th will earn this badge. And as our way of saying thank you for being there with us right from the start, we'll give you ten book points!

Invite a Friend Badge

Every time someone you invite joins Storyteller Alley you earn two book points. If five of your friends respond to your invite and create an account, you'll earn this badge, plus we'll give you five extra book points! You can earn this badge up to four times per year.

Artisan Author Fan Badge

Prove you are an artisan author fan by posting five reviews and you'll earn this badge. Plus we'll give you three extra book points too!

Popcorn & Prose

Everyone who tries one of our Popcorn and Prose Discovery Packs earns this badge. This Discover Pack includes 2 snack size bags of amazing popcorn from Freedom Snacks plus 80 book points to spend in our bookstore.