Tell us the story of what lead you to write. Or what inspired you to pen your latest novel.

This 600-800 word post should utilize all of your amazing storytelling skills.

Craft the tale of what makes you a writer, or what drives you to write.

Post includes link to your reviewed book, social media links, and author bio.

Give readers a taste of the brilliance that earned you an Artisan Author badge. Which excerpt will you choose? Chapter 1? Something from the middle where the tension is high?

This post features a 500-750 word excerpt and book cover, plus buy link, social media links, and author bio.

Pay it forward to your fellow artisan author and tell us about an author you love. 

This 300-500 word post is your chance to recognize another outstanding indie author and one of their exceptional books.

Post may include a cover image and a link to the authors book, website, or social media pages.

This post will also include the submitting author's picture, bio, and links to website and/or social media pages.