Beta Read - $0.00

We get it. You've toiled, cried, bled, and poured every ounce of your creative genius into your book. You're ready to publish or send it off to an editor for final polishing, but then it hits you.

Will readers enjoy what I've written?

Have I given them enough to get lost in the story?

Are there areas that just don't work?

Characters that fall a little flat?

Fear not author friend! Our genre critics can't wait to give your book a read and put your mind at easy. Our beta reading packages will team you up with two, three, or five of our genre critics. Each will read your book cover to cover and share what they thing are the book's strenghths, and what they feel must be improved.

Ready to find out just how good your book really is?

We'll give you feedback on:

  • Cover Design & Formatting
  • Book Blurb
  • Spelling & Grammar
  • Plot & Structure
  • Character Development
  • Dialogue
  • Originiality
  • Pacing
  • Use of Language
  • Overall Readability
  • Plus, authors can select up to five additional areas of focus and feedback





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