You've Finished Your Manuscript, But...

How do you know if readers will like it? If it all make sense? If your characters are likeable? What about the plot, does it feel finished? And more importantly, how do you find a beta reader you can trust?

We Can Help!

Let our team of critics dig in and tell you what you want to know. Using the same evaluation process we use to select books for sale on Storyteller Alley, we'll read your book and  share strengths and weaknesses and tell you what we love and what we think might need some improvement.

We'll evalute: cover design, formatting and layout, book blurb quality, character and plot development, pacing, spelling and grammar, use of language, originality, and that undescribable "it" factor that makes a book one you just can't put down.

Turn around time for all beta reads is 2-4 weeks.


Basic Beta

Better Beta

Master Beta




3 Apprentice/Journeyman Critics

10 Areas of Feedback


3 Apprentice/Journeyman Critics

10 Areas of Feedback

1 Special Feedback Request from the Author

3 Master Critics

10 Areas of Feedback

3 Special Feedback Requests from the Author

Price: $125.00