Beta Reading

Our team of genre critics is made up of dedicated readers and hard-working authors. We know what makes a book exceptional and we love helping authors polish and perfect their books for publication. 

Using the same method we use to find exceptional books for sale on our site, we'll give you feedback in our ten standard feedback criteria.

Each of our beta reading packages provide feedback on:

  • Cover Design
  • Book Blurb
  • Formatting
  • Spelling & Grammar
  • Plot & Structure
  • Character Development
  • Originiality
  • Pacing
  • Use of Language
  • Overall Readability

Plus, each package includes the option for authors to submit questions or areas of additional focus or feedback. Our Mini and Full Focus Group packages also include a summary of strengths and weaknesses and the opportunity to submit follow on questions to our critics after receiving your initial feedback.

  • Need just a single beta reader? Our Basic Beta Read is perfect for you and is priced at just $49.
  • Want feedback from two readers? Try our Tag Team Beta read for $98.
  • Our Mini Focus Group tasks three critics to provide feedback for $139.
  • Get a full complement of five critics in our Full Focus Group for $229

Let our experienced critics give you the feedback you need to get one step closer to publication and a stellar book launch. Click any of the beta reading options to find out more.