Whether you are just finishing your manuscript, or you’ve been through several rounds of edits, our beta reading services can help identify potential readability issues before your book gets into the hand of readers.

Beta reading offers more detailed feedback than our fiction focus groups. Our beta reading packages include our standard ten-criteria evaluation feedback along with specific, targeted feedback within the manuscript itself.

In-manscript feedback might include:

  • Egregious spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Questions to help with clarity and pacing
  • Inconsistencies in setting, plot, or character development
  • Suggestions for ways to strengthen or improve structure and plot
  • Highlighting of strengths and weaknesses.

Authors are free to include specific questions or indicate areas they would like our beta readers to focus on. Turn around time may vary, but typically will be completed within 2-4 weeks. Digital copy of the manuscript is required (MS Word Document or PDF preferred). Feedback received is the owner of the author and may be used for editorial review.