Book Review: Darkness of the Womb

No one ever said motherhood would be easy. And for Marigold? Well, it's harder than most would ever fathom. Her unborn child is destined to be the savior of mankind...only he doesn't want to be. This story is an incredible mash up of mundane reality and a fantastic other dimension where human characteristics like Instinct, Imagination, and Purpose become characters in their own right. Some are working to help Marigold, and her husband Jeff to save their unborn child...others have ulterior motives.

Richard B. Knight has an incredible imagination. The characters and plot line are unlike anything else I have ever read. A forty-something first-time mother makes for an unusual protagonist, but you can't help but find yourself wanting her to succeed. Marigold and Jeff are likable, flawed characters weighed down by life; they are very relatable.

The structure worked for me: I liked being introduced to the 'inner world' then taken back to the outer world to anchor the story. When we moved into the inner world -- the major part -- it was good to have segments from the outer world interspersed and the coda was very satisfying.

The writing is this book is vivid and envoked all of the senses to create an incredible inner world. The writing is tight and clean.

Darkness of the Womb was unlike anything I had read before and has so many twists and turns you really have no idea where you'll end up, but when you get to the end, it all makes perfect sense.



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