Book Review: Gavril of Aquina

What happens to a king who has everything he could ever want - magic, wealth, women - taken away by a coniving adversary? Does he resign himself to life as a prisoner? A nobody? Or will a chance meeting with a beautiful woman change his mind and give him the reason he needs to find his inner strength and fight for his people?

Gavril of Aquina is a fun fantasy romance that pits strong, interesting characters on a well-paced plot line.  I found myself wanting to know how it all worked out. Would Gavril get his magic back? Would he get the girl he wants and his kingdom?

The plot is exciting with a great deal of fast-paced action interspersed with internal monologues which help to acquaint us with the two main characters' and their journeys. The love scenes offer just enough chemistry without being overly graphic.

The two main characters, Gavril and Shyla are likeable and their character arcs are well drawn. They sometimes act against their own best interests but the way this is rendered, it is very believable.

While some of the descriptions were overdone, which occassionaly slowed the pacing, the overall presentation kept me reading. 

This is a rollicking good story, with likable, colorful characters. 

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