Copy Editing & Line Edits

You are almost ready to publish your book or send it off to a publisher or agent, but after several rounds of self-editing, you need a professional copy editor to make sure your manuscript is ship-shape. Our copyeditors will scrub your manuscript for issues with spacing, formatting, font, spelling, grammar, style, usage, consistency, plot holes, language, voice, word choice and point of view.

Digital copy of the manuscript is required, with the preference for MS Word documents (our editors use the track edits feature to indicate suggested edits and changes). Turn around time will vary based on length and complexity of the edit required, but the average project will typically be completed within 3-5 weeks. To receive a no-obligation quote and a free sample edit, submit your manuscript and details below. 

Minimum 10 pages (1 page = 250 words) 

Rates vary depending upon the length of the manuscript and level of edits required.

  • First 50k words: $3.00 - $3.50 per page ($.012 - $.014 per word)
  • Next 30k words: $2.90 - $3.40 per page ($.0116 - $.0136 per word)
  • Additional proofreading over 80k words: $2.80 - $3.30 per page ($.0112 - $.0132 per word)



Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx odt.