Cover to Cover Feedback - $375.00

You've finished your manuscript and now you need to know...will readers enjoy it? Will the reader be completely immersed in the story you've created? Have you crafted characters, conflict, and setting that keeps the reader turning page after page all the way to the end? Let one of our genre-focused, story-loving readers give you the feedback you need to make your book the best it can possibly be.

Our team of readers includes editors, beta readers, writers, and book fanatics who all agree that independently publishing authors, or artisan authors as we like to cal them, tell amazing stories. Our mission is to help these authors polish, perfect, and promote their work.

Cover to Cover Feedback offers feedback from three readers on up to 100k words using our editor-designed Feedback Matrix structured to give you actionable feedback. It also includes a Strengths and Weaknesses overview. Turn around time is 3-4 weeks

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