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Are You and Indie Author or Small Publisher?

Our genre critics and curators are always on the look out for great indie and small pub books. Romance, sci-fi, fantasy, YA, mystery, and even non-fiction, if you've written a great book, we want to read it! 

Storyteller Alley is an online bookstore that features only exceptional indie and small-publisher books. We read through all submissions looking for the best of the best, the cream of the crop, those books written by true artisan authors. We provide feedback to authors on all books we read, and if we love your book, it becomes our mission to help you find new readers.

What We Do

Every member of our team loves to read. We love to be entertained or to learn something new. We want to fall in love with your voice, your characters, and your book. We are a team of voracious readers, authors, and editors. We have made it our mission to find the best indie and small press books and do everything we can to give them the recognition they deserve.

We offer a variety of feedback and promotional services to help your book reach the readers who are excited about finding new authors.


Feedback Services

We currently offer three ways to get feedback from our team of experienced critics and curators.

Review for Sale on Storyteller Alley

Got a great book? Let us give it the recognition it deserves. We only sell the best indie and small pub books in our book store. If you want to see your book available on our virtual shelves here's what you need to know: Books submitted for review for sale on Storyteller Alley are evaluated using our internally developed critique method and receive feedback across 10 specific evaluation criteria. Books are scored in each category, first by one of our critics and then again by one of our curators. Only books that received a score of 70 or better and are approved by our team are invited to be listed for sale on our site. There is no cost for submission.

Submit Your Book for Consideration

Storyteller Alley Blog Review

Does your book need a little review love? If you aren't ready to list your book for sale with us, or if you're unable to sell with us (maybe you're listed with KDP Select), but would still like our team of critics to read and share their thoughts, then this is the review for you! One of our critics will use the same evalutation criteria we use for our Review for Sale option, and then we'll share our thoughts about your book on our blog. There is no cost to submit your book for a Storyteller Alley Blog Review, but you must submit a digital copy of the book for our critics to read.

Submit for Blog Review

Beta Reading - Packages start at $39

Let us help you make sure your book will be well received by readers before you publish. Our beta reading feedback teams, made up of three of our genre critics, uses an internally developed critique method

See Pricing and Beta Reading Packages

Promotional Services

We understand how crazy the indie and small press market can be. It is our mission to recognize exceptional indie and small press authors and to engage in creative marketing campaigns to help those authors find new readers. We currently offer two ways to promote your book:

Storyteller Alley Bookstore

We cater to readers who love to discover new authors and new series. The books listed in our store are double-vetted by our internal team of curators and critics. Once curated, our team will promote your book on our site and through our social media channels. We offer a generous 70% royalty rate and there is currently no cost to authors for submission. We are currently accepting submissions in all genres for books already published or set for publication within the next three months. Digital ARC copies are accepted for review. Response time may be anywhere from four to eight weeks. But don't worry, if your book knocks our socks off, we'll be in a hurry to let you know. All books listed on our site must be submitted for a no-cost review for sale.

Author Discovery Boxes

Looking for a fun way to put your book into the hands of new readers? Our Author Discovery Boxes partner printed and signed copies of indie and small press books with small business products to create what we like to call a “reading experience.” Small business products featured in the box relate to the book in some way. Each book featured must go through the same vigorous evaluation process as our online book store and authors must submit a digital copy for review before being accepted for feature. Each ADB is custom designed and pricing/requirements are unique to each box and book.

Blog Features

We love featuring indie and small press authors on our blog. Cover reveal? Book launch? Got a great idea for some other kind of post? Contact us. We also run several series for guest bloggers. Check our available opportunities.



How do I submit my book for sale or review?

If you volunteer as tribute, no wait...that's not right. If you're ready to submit your book in hopes that it will amaze and astound us, and you are interested in selling your book on our site, then just use our nifty online submission form. Be sure to include a good email address so we can reach you when we decide your book is the best thing since sliced bread. If you would like for us to review your book for our blog,use this groovy review submission form to send us your book info.

How are books selected for sale on Storyteller Alley?

It’s a simple four-step process:

  1. Submission: Authors and publishers submit their work for review. As part of the process they upload a cover image, a book blurb and the book file.
  2. Critique: A genre critic reads and evaluates your book across 10 evaluation criteria and scores each section on a scale of 1 to 10.  If a sufficient score it achieved, the book is then pushed up to our curator team for review and consideration
  3. Curation: One of our genre curators reviews the book,using the same evaluation criteria and if the book is right for Storyteller Alley, will invite the author to list the book for sale.
  4. Invite: The Author receives an invite to list their book on our site, sets a price, adds a reading sample (if they choose) and we share the book with our readers.

How much does it cost to submit for Review for Sale? For Blog Review?

Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. There is no up-front cost to submit to our site for review for sale or for blog review.

I am interested in selling my book on Storyteller Alley. If I submit, will I receive feedback on my submission?

Yes, all books submitted for consideration for sale will receive feedback. At a minimum, books will receive a 200-word critique. Good books will receive detailed feedback from our critics. Exceptional books will receive detailed feedback from both a critic and a curator. 

How are books evaluated by curators and critics?

Every book is evaluated in areas of production and storytelling.

Production Criteria

  • Cover design
  • Formatting
  • Blurb

Storytelling Criteria

  • Unique, compelling and organized storylines
  • Character development
  • Pacing, point-of-view, and voice
  • Use of language
  • Spelling & grammar
  • Overall readability and entertainment factor

In addition, we’re looking for books that have an intangible “it” factor. We want stories that keep us up at night because we couldn’t possibly sleep without knowing what happens at the end. We want the kind of books our readers can’t wait to tell friends and family about.

What about Royalties?

All approved titles will be invited to sell their book in our bookstore. We offer our authors a 70% royalty rate on all downloads.

Can I make my book free?

Yes, authors have the option of making any book they list with us free for download.

Why Do I Want to Sell My Book on Storyteller Alley?

By limiting the number of titles we add to our store each month, and by being selective in the titles we choose, our readers are able to find great books they know are worth reading. It's kind of like having your best friend set you up on a date. They wouldn't just set you up with anyone, now would they? Because our readers trust that we're giving them a great read, the ice has already been broken and if they are in the market for a good book date, your book has an excellent chance of going home with them.

Beyond that, only readers who have purchased or downloaded from us can post reviews. No carpet-bombing of bogus, untrustworthy reviews. Hand-in-hand with the purchase or download requirement, is our strict No BS, No Bullying policy. We will not tolerate reviews that are offensive or cruel. There are plenty of places trolls can take up residence. Our site isn't one of them.

I will be releasing my book soon, is there anyway to bump my book to the top of the review list?

Just like a two-hour car ride after a super grande sized cup of coffee, we understand that some things can't wait. If you feel confident that your book belongs in our store and you'd like it to be reviewed as soon as possible, we are happy to speed-up your review for a small, $20 expedition fee. Just get in touch with us and we'll make it happen.

The digital version of my book is listed with KDP Select. Can I just participate in the Author Discovery Box program with my printed book?

Absolutely! We totally understand why so many authors have chosen that great program. We are happy to just feature your book in one of our Author Discovery Boxes. And don't forget, we are also happy to do a Blog review too!