Gavril of Aquina

By: Aurrora St. James

A kingdom in need of its king...

Seven years after a scheming traitor seized the throne of Aquina, the people suffer under the dark reign.

A man in need of redemption...

Gavril Khalon lost his throne, his magic, and spent years tortured in captivity. When fate provides his freedom, Gavril returns to his beloved Aquina with no hope of reclaiming his place as king. Until a chance meeting brings him face to face with the one woman who may tip the scales in his favor.

A woman who will unite the two...

When a wounded stranger stumbles into Shyla De Aven, he presents her with a mystery she is compelled to solve. Determined to find the answer and help Gavril, Shyla uncovers an unexpected connection. Can she find the key to unlocking his true power and return him to the throne, without losing her heart in the process?

Book Points: 4
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