Guest Post Opportunities on Our Blog

 We are currently accepting submissions from guest bloggers for the following weekly blog posts: 

Where Do Stories Grow?

Come tell us the story of what lead you to write. Or what inspired you to pen your latest novel. This 600-800 word post should utilize all of your amazing storytelling skills. Craft the tale of what makes you a writer, or what drives you to write. This is a weekly post, and we accept submissions at any time. 

Submissions can be sent directly to

Must-Have Book Gear

Do you offer a great book-related product? Got a character inspired t-shirt? A candle that smells like Pemberly? A bookworm's must have tote? Whatever it is, if it belongs on a book lover's must-have list, then it also belongs on our blog! Submissions should be between 200-400 words and may include a link to a website or social media account.

Submissions can be sent directly to


Hot Off the Presses

Got a brand new book? Come tell us about it. This post should include your cover image, your book blurb (no more than 300 words), and a short exerpt (500-1000 words), plus a picture of the author, short bio, and links to the author/publisher website and social media links.

Submissions can be sent directly to


My Favorite Author...

This is a chance to spread love and support to some of your favorite indie or small pub author. You might tell a story about how you met, or why you love their books. Did they inspire you to write? Do you lose all sense of time when you are reading their books? Support your fellow author in this 300-500 word post. Post may include a cover image and a link to the authors book, website, or social media pages. This post will also include the submitting author's picture, bio, and links to website and/or social media pages.

Submissions can be sent directly to