Manuscript Critique Services - $0.00

You've finished your manuscript, self-edited, maybe workshopped it once or twice, and now you need feedback from an editor. Our editors will read your manuscript and answer questions like:

  • Does my plot make sense?
  • Are my characters authentic and believable?
  • Does my dialogue flow smoothly?
  • Is my supporting narrative clear?
  • Have I engaged the senses so that readers feel like they are inside the story?
  • Have I tied up any loose ends?
  • Does the story feel finished?

Our manuscript critique services can help identify potential readability issues and hightlight a book's strenghts and weaknesses before it gets into the hands of readers or a prospective publisher. And, by identifying any issues with structure and pointing out issues with writing style or technique, a manuscript critique can also help to clean up a manuscript before sending it off for editing, potentially saving your time and money.

Our manuscript critique packages include detailed feedback on:

  • Character Development
  • Plot Structure
  • Pacing
  • Originality
  • POV & Perspective
  • Voice & Style
  • Overall Readability

Authors are free to include up to five additional questions/areas they would like to receive feedback on. Turn around time may vary, but typically will be completed within 2-4 weeks. Digital copy of the manuscript is required (MS Word Document or PDF preferred). Feedback received is the owner of the author and may be used for editorial review.