For Readers

Storyteller Alley Bookstore

If you're the kind of reader who loves to discover new authors and new series, then this is the place for you. All books available for sale have been personally vetted by our team. Only the best stories from the most talented writers even get into our store. We use a strict set of guidelines to evaluate each story. No duds and lemons here, only the kinds of books that make you want to stay up way past bed time because you just have to know what happens next. Each book will be available for instant download and we'll share with you the reason we picked the book in the first place. 

Author Discovery Boxes

Honestly, is there anything better than getting a surprise box of goodies in the mail? Sign up for our monthly Author Discovery boxes and we'll send you a hand-picked title for your reading pleasure. Each Author Discovery box features an indie or small press book vetted by our internal team of curators and critics by only the best indie and small press authors. Each printed book is signed by the author (or includes a hand written note), and the box is full of fun and unique products from our amazing small business partners that all relate to the featured book in some way. Author Discovery Boxes make reading a great book a truly memorable experience.

Book Points Rewards

Ask any indie or small pub author and they are likely to give you the shirt off their back to find a reader eager to give their book a try. And while the thought of a bunch of indie and small press authors running around topless makes us giggle (and worry about them catching cold), we think there's a better way.

The Storyteller Alley Book Points program is a great way to show your support of indie and small press authors while earning a little something-something for yourself. Here's how it works:

  • For every dollar you spend we'll give 1 book point
  • Every 10 points earns you $1 to spend in our bookstore on more books or some of our fun promotion items. In the coming months, we'll even add the option to donate your points to charity!

Much better than a bunch of cold, half-naked authors, huh?