By: Velveteen Viper

When scientists initiate human trials for a drug created to prevent and cure the common cold, nineteen-year-old Scarlett McKenzie's life rapidly crumbles around her. Her mother, Grace, having fallen on hard times financially, is among the first to be injected with the medicine. Hours later, Scarlett is faced with her mother; cold, dead, blind... and hungry.

Scarlett is forced into the new world - a world where the dead rise to feed on the living and the constant fight for life brings out the worst in even the best people - along with her boyfriend, Jimmy and his twelve year old sister, Alice.

Along the way, she will of course meet new people – survivors, just like her – but can anyone really be trusted when the shit hits the fan? Forced to endure the pain of losing people she cares about in the most horrific ways, just how long will it be before she loses her mind, and is there anything or anyone who can keep her from losing who she is?

‘Roamers’ is the first instalment in a series of three books following Scarlett McKenzie in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s a fictional look at how a young woman might learn to adapt in a world where nobody is guaranteed to survive day-to-day.

Book Points: 3
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