Two Reader Book Reviews - $99.00

You're getting ready to launch a new book. Maybe it’s part of a new series or maybe it’s your debut novel. But in a world where readers have thousands and thousands of options, how can an author stand out? How will readers know that your book is worth the read and better than the growing number of poorly written and produced books that plague the indie market?

Recognizing outstanding indie, or artisan authors as we like to call them, is what we live for. It's why we created Storyteller Alley. Our readers come from all walks of life, and enjoy a variety of genres, but what they all demand from the books they read are solid story lines, well-developed characters, and professional production. We abhor authors who disrespect readers with unedited books or cheesy covers. But we absolutely adore those who write and produce the kinds of stories that keep us up late at night because we just can’t put them down. We want exceptional books written by amazing authors. Does your book fit the bill?

Using our Review Matrix, we'll score your book on a scale from 1 to 100. Books that score 80 or higher earn a feature package. 

The Two Reader Feature Package includes:

  • Featured blog post on our site including cover art, book blurb, our review, buy and social media links, and author bio
  • Storyteller Alley sponsored giveaway of your book
  • Artisan Author badge for your book cover or website to let everyone know your book has been vetted by our team
  • Guest blogging opportunity on our site Contribute to one of our regular series or bring your own ideas!
  • Shout out on our weekly Weekend Recommend livecast
  • Listing in our Artisan Author Book Directory

We only feature books that score an average of 80 or higher. Authors of books that do not meet this scoring minimum will receive a strenghts and weaknesses overview with details about what we liked about your book and what we feel needs improvement.

The feedback from our readers is also great for

  • Editorial review on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers
  • Review quotes for your book covers and websites
  • Use in marketing and social media campaigns
  • Identifying specific areas for editing or revision if your book sales aren't doing as well as you'd like.

If you've got an amazing book, we can't wait to read it and add you to our list of favorite artisan authors who deserve to be recognized as exceptional.

Upload the book you'd like for us to read.