A to Z Candles

About the Company: 

Epic Smell Goods Since 2015

It all started with an obsession for scented candles. Like you, I want my house to smell good all the time. I loved coming home from work and lighting a candle to start my evening. 

After a while I realized the candles were making me feel awful. Headaches, asthma flare ups while they were lit, and sometimes even feeling sick! I did some research and learned about paraffin wax - the petroleum wax most candle companies use - is basically polluting my home. 

I started right away, making my own soy candles in the scents I still knew and loved from the big box candle stores. I perfected my candles and opened a couple of months later. 

Two years later, here we are. A to Z Candles is one of the fastest growing Etsy candle shops, plus we have the biggest variety of fragrances and sizes! 

I am still home-based, despite my rapid growth. I have half of the basement dedicated to my work, and I work 40+ hours a week to keep up with demand. Life. Is. Good. 

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