A-Z Challenge - P: The World of Pangea: Path of the Warrior

Coming May 2015!

Set against an extensive mythological backdrop, Path of The Warrior begins as a coming of age story and quickly explodes into an epic conflict between light and darkness. The first novel in the Pangea trilogy promises to take you beyond this earthly realm and into another where mortals and immortals struggle for the fate of their world.


With the reluctant knowledge that much luck was involved, I settled in on the opposite bank, camouflaged amidst the lower tree trunk. My sturdy bow was at the ready, while my eyes sought to pierce the dimming light, always trained fully on the opposite side. The forest was eerily quiet. As dusk continued to seep into the world, creatures made their way to drink. The smaller ones appeared first, and few approached the place I had been. No doubt my scent was also mingled there. Another mistake that I should not have made. Dusk continued to settle, and at long last the larger predators appeared, wishing to sate their thirst. I am always amazed at how peaceful the waterholes and rivers can be. So many animals that usually tear each other apart suffer in peaceful wariness while gathering there.

The thrill of the hunt was now upon me, and so despite the late hour, this kept me alert and awake. I was rewarded for my patience. The brush finally began to stir. It seemed as if all the animals tensed as one. They could sense it, too. My eyes strained ahead, and then an earth shattering roar erupted the silent beating of my heart. I breathed deeply as animals fled all around. They knew not to be near the approaching beast, but whether because of foolishness or courage, I felt no fear. I heard the thumping of the giant claws pounding the earth, but still I saw nothing. Then branches crashed to the ground, and finally, towering an easy twelve lengths high, the behemoth loomed into view.

I needn't have bothered hiding the carcass to draw it close. It must have frequented this area to quench its thirst. When it drew near, all life fled. Except me. Why was I not fleeing too? It rose ominously on the opposite bank, rearing onto hind legs, stretching further into the darkening heights above. Front legs flailed as it let loose another bellowing cry of domination. My jaw clenched, eyes tightening, as I fought to keep the sound from reverberating inside my skull.

“Draw,” I whispered, as my instinct and training took over. “Notch. Pull. Breathe. Release.”


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