A-Z Challenge - S: Self Esteem & Self Image

      In my Landry’s True Colors Series, we meet my character, Landry Albright, a fourteen year old who deals with self-esteem issues as she tries to see where she fits in with the others at school. In True Colors (Landry’s True Colors Series Book 1), Landry gets pushed into trying out for a modeling reality show competition by her two best friends. She goes in feeling anxious and unsure of herself, but the other two girls, Ericka and Tori, push her into going to the audition with them. However, things take a turn when Landry gets chosen to move on to the next round and Tori and Ericka don’t. However, in book two, we see that even though Landry moved on in the competition, she still deals with self-image issues after the girls at school talk behind her back.

     It had hurt my feelings when I overheard girls at school say the only reason I had gotten as far as I did in the American Ingénue competition was due to my height. Sure, models had to be tall, but would it have killed someone to say, “Hey Landry, you looked really nice and confident up on that runway?”

     Landry also worries about fitting in and being accepted with her new group of friends. She feels like she finally found a comfortable group to be with, but her self-esteem takes a hit when she goes to visit her grandparents for Christmas and feels left out when she sees her friends’ posts on their social media pages about how much fun they’re having in her absence (from Best Friends…Forever? Landry’s True Colors Series Book 2):

     I got ready for bed and then stopped to check my social media page one more time and that’s when I saw it — another

 picture of Peyton, India, and Devon hanging out. They were sitting on the couch with their heads scrunched close together and laughing. It was a cute picture, but then I saw the caption: So glad we could all be together for the holidays. Love these guys soooo much! Best friends forever. #Alltogether #Threemusketeers #BestFriendsForever #ThreeBestFriends #ThreesCompany.

     My heart sank. It was India’s caption and anyone who read it would think what a close‑knit group of friends and not realize anyone was missing from that photo. Sure, I was in another state, so naturally I couldn’t be there for it, but the way India wrote that made me feel so left out. I mean, what did she mean by the “Three’s Company” hashtag? And sometimes people tagged friends who weren’t there in pictures and added, “Wish you were here,” but there was no mention of a fourth member of the group.

     In the series, we see Landry learn that her true worth is more than just her appearance and fitting in with the right crowd. Images of models and celebrities are everywhere showing what the supposed “ideal teen” looks like, which leads Landry to have an unpleasant experience at the makeup counter where the salesperson makes Landry feel worse about herself in order to get her to buy more products. However, soon Landry begins to see through the artificial side of things and learns to value what’s truly important in herself and others.


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